Metal stamping parts

Metal stamping parts The hardness test of Rockwell hardness tester. Small, stamped parts with complex shapes can use a small test plane and cannot be tested on an ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester. The materials processed by stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled metal strip materials, such as carbon steel plates, alloy steel plates, spring steel plates, galvanized plates, tinned plates, stainless steel plates, copper and copper alloy plates, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates Wait.


PHP series portable surface Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of these stampings. Alloy stampings are the most commonly used parts in metal processing and machinery manufacturing. The stamping part processing is a processing method that uses a die to separate or shape the metal strip. Its application range is very broad.


The main purpose of hardness testing of stamping parts is to determine whether the inclination of the purchased metal sheet is just the stamping part to be processed. Different types of stamping part processing techniques require different hardness levels of the sheet. The team of mold design engineers with 20 years of experience breaks through the technical difficulties of the stamping industry, and can mass produce automatic riveting parts in molds, automatic tapping parts in molds, precision stamping parts in injection molds and other stamping parts.




Post time: Jul-06-2020
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